Photo 101- Last week end post

The flower , the clothes and the tree all show play of lights and angles in different ways.


Photography 101 (Theme – Solitude) – Day 5


Solitude to me is best defined by the life of the American poet Emily Dickinson…here is a snippet from one of her biographies…

“Her love of being alone up in her room was associated with her feeling for a key, which signified freedom from interruption and the social prevention that beset her downstairs. She would stand looking down, one hand raised, thumb and forefinger closed on an imaginary key, and say, with a quick turn of her wrist, “It’s just a turn–and freedom, Matty!”

Photography 101 (Theme: Street) – Day 2


This picture is an expression of my love for the night! However, I would Like to draw your attention to the height and the grids that frame the picture.


A wide shot – a lonely street with stationary rickshaws in the foreground.

Events - 08159

A monochromatic shot of a street in the afternoon…like to draw your attention to the contrariness of this image to the earlier wide angle shots and the sense of depth it creates.

Photography 101 (Theme – Home) Day 1


I cannot rest from travel: I will drink life to the lees: All times I have enjoyed greatly, have suffered greatly, both with those that love me and alone…

It is the essence of the warm hearth, the quiet retreat¬†of casual mornings that always travel with us as we travel…home travels with one¬†always.

The picture is taken from my canon digital camera and has not been edited at all apart from being put through the black and white filter. To watermark my images I am using adobe Lightroom 5. Just to clarify I am not vey familiar with photo editing softwares, infact I only know how to watermark images in Lightroom.